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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guitar Chord : Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Posted by adheliadjnr_ at 9/25/2012 05:11:00 AM

I (G)remember when we broke (D)up, the first time
(G)Saying this is it, I’ve had (D)enough, because like
We (G)hadn’t seen each other in a (D)month
When you (Em)said you needed (C)space, what?
(G)Then you come round again and (D)say, baby
I (G)miss you and I swear I’m gonna (D)change, trust me
(G)Remember how that lasted for a (D)day, I say
I (Em)hate you, we break up, you (C)call me, I love you

(G)Ooooh(D)...we (Em)called it off (C)again last night
But (G)ooooh(D)...(Em)this time I’m (C)telling you, I’m telling you

(G)We are (D)never ever (Em)ever getting (C)back together
(G)We are (D)never ever (Em)ever getting (C)back together
(G)You go talk to (D)your friends, talk to (Em)my friends, talk to (C)me
But (G)we are (D)never ever ever (Em)ever..(C)..getting back (G)together

Source: http://www.guitarchordworld.net/2012/08/we-are-never-ever-getting-back-together.html



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