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Friday, September 14, 2012

Classic Hair Braids

Posted by adheliadjnr_ at 9/14/2012 07:37:00 AM

lovely braids to get you inspired 

Also theres a trend of having colourful strands of hair braided together 

Its a bit non-traditional... But don't you just love the colors?








and they are some just awful ones...

but are you ready now to learn how to style your hair?


Before you start

As we are going through many of style and techniques, yet the starting point for braiding is always the same.
1. Prepare the necessary tools for braiding
2. Learn the correct way to part the hair
3. Know what products you must use.

The beginners braid

The basic fishtail braid.This type is the most common style of hair braiding.It is also the easiest to learn, and considered as a must learn for a beginner.

More advanced and beautiful hairdo are actually derived from this very basic skill that you are learning so don't skip this.

Edwardian style braids

Also known as a victorian style, this style is so distinct that it is a must have hairstyle in any edwardian era movie, the most famous one being Titanic.

Girls with edwardian braids 

Reverse braid

It will look like the basic braid only backwards.

French braids

After you have perfected the art of making french braids, you can proceed to try different variations such as the ones shown below.

Mary Antoinette Hairstyle 



Its beautiful aint it? 









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